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Placenta Donation: Stories of Hope

Da'Kota Washington's Legacy of Giving 

When Ja’Leisa White-Newhouse learned in 2018 that she could help others by donating her newborn baby girl’s placenta, she knew it was something she had to do.

Da’Kota Washington was born by C-section in August, and her placenta was the first to be donated as part of Arizona’s new program giving moms and their babies a chance to help others.

“If you donate, you can make a real difference for people,” Ja’Leisa said. “It makes me feel great for Da’Kota to just be born and already doing something amazing.

“With that kind of start, I know she will do good things in life.”

Someday, Da’Kota will be able to advocate for placenta donation and other gifts that can be given.

“Placentas go into the trash,” Ja’Leisa said. “In the trash doesn’t help anyone. Donate it and make a difference for others who have wounds that won’t heal on their own.

“You might even help someone from your own family.”

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