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Let's Talk  

  • Michigan patients currently waiting for an organ transplant as of August 1
  • Is the matching process impartial?

    YES! Organs are matched to patients based only on objective details like blood type, size, severity of illness, distance, and how long a patient has been waiting.

  • Does my religion support organ donation?

    All major religions in the US support donation, or the individual’s right to make their own decision. Talk to your faith leaders about donation. 

  • Will medical staff work as hard to save my life if they know I’m a donor?

    YES! Organ donation is not considered until after every possible effort has been made to save a patient’s life.

The community spoke, we listened. 

Since 1971, Gift of Life Michigan has honored life by connecting people who need vital organ and tissue transplants with donors. We launched Let’s Talk to reach out to multicultural communities, where people are more likely to need an organ transplant, yet less likely to sign up as organ donors, to address the shortage of organs for transplant, educate people about the need for organ donors, break down some of the common myths and misconceptions and encourage them to sign up on the organ donor registry.

We hosted dialogue circles, put on community events and reached out through social media. We listened, and we learned:

  • Minority populations share many of the same concerns, cultural myths, and mistrust of the healthcare system.
  • These issues are best addressed, and misinformation is best corrected, by members of these multicultural communities.
  • We also need to address the underlying health disparities that affect minority groups and promote active and healthier lifestyles.


African-American Experience
African American Experience
  • A desire to learn more about the donation process
  • Believe organ donation is a moral decision
  • 244 African Americans received organ transplants from Michigan donors last year
Latinx Experience
Latinx Experience
  • Donation decisions are made as a family
  • Giving back is a cultural priority
  • 44 Latinx people received organ transplants from Michigan donors last year
Mustafa liver transplant father son Islam Muslim
Arab American Experience
  • Family discussions about donation are important for decision making
  • Religion plays a significant role in making a donation decision
  • 16 Arab Americans received organ transplants from Michigan donors last year

We need each other.

A single organ donor can save as many as eight lives.
A tissue donor can help heal up to 75 others.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has altered life as we know it, but our mission hasn’t changed. It can’t. Now more than ever, communities need our work to continue.

There are still too many people waiting for vital organs. Minorities comprise 25 percent of the American population but make up more than 60 percent of those in need of transplants because of high rates of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity. We must close the knowledge gap and address the barriers that keep multicultural groups from becoming organ donors.

We invite you to join us in a virtual experience to elevate the conversation about the benefits of these lifesaving gifts. Talk to your families. Your friends. Your social networks. Let’s have this conversation together.

Ways to join the virtual experience:

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