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More donors from multicultural backgrounds are needed!

There is a shortage of organs for transplant in these communities.

  • People in ethnic minority communities are more susceptible to conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and certain forms of hepatitis, which make them more likely to need an organ transplant.

  • Anyone can donate to someone of another ethnicity, and interracial transplants happen every day. However, the most successful transplants often come from donors of the same ethnic background, who share similar genetics.

That is why it is essential to increase the number of people from multicultural community who are registered as organ donors, to allow members from ethnic groups in need of a transplant to find a perfect match.

Additionally, research studies indicate that African-American, Arab-American and LatinX populations in the United States, in particular, are skeptical about organ donation.

African American woman and daughterMuslim coupleKety San Román and David Araiza's granddaughter died waiting for a heart, and donated to research.

Myths present a real barrier to saving lives across all groups.

It’s time to close the gap and ensure that more lives are saved and more heroes made!

Gift of Life Michigan has launched a multicultural campaign called Let’s Talk (#LetsTalk) that aims to increase awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation among underrepresented groups and to influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that change lives.

We are hosting a series of Dialogue Circles to address the myths of organ and tissue donation among our target populations. These smaller events will involve community-style panels moderated by a media influencer with representation on the panel from the various multicultural groups.



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