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William Beauford Camby

Date of Death: 

<p>Chubby was my brother-in-law. You couldnt find a better person who was more giving and more selfless then him. He would give anyone the shirt off his back and not think a thing about it . If ever there was a person that deserved a spot in Gods hands it was him. He always was helping others out and didnt worry when he would get it back . He would say well some day I may need something and then someone else may help me. That old saying "that which goes round comes round " was his belief in life. He always thought the best of people and would find good in ones that no one else could. Just an all round good guy. His was a life that was cut to short, we could have all used him around longer to learn from. We will miss him a lot. I love ya Chubby, Love ya Faye</p>