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Stevie Metz

Date of Death: 

<p>Last Errands <p>Ball upon your sorrow<br>Throw away your fear<br>Say goodbye to tomorrow<br>This was your final year <p>Say goodbye to sweet sixteen<br>and all thats left behind<br>Remember us as the great friends weve all been,<br>Throw your whisper in the wind,<br>Which one day we might find <p>Forget the pain it left you,<br>Swallow all your tears<br>Theres nothing much else we could do,<br>In these past few years <p>Be brave for us, have faith in us,<br>As we lay your ghost to rest<br>Well never forget your loyal trust,<br>I know you were taken when your soul was at its best <p>So smile for us one last time,<br>As we watch your spirit sleep<br>Twas not your fault, nor a crime,<br>Just let us mourn and weep <p>Take one last glance at the moon,<br>And we know this is the end<br>I know well be together soon,<br>Dear Stevie, our friend