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Stephanie Ann (Rockwell) Muson


The quilt square depicts Steph’s love of peacocks and her favorite flower the yellow rose. The heart shape of the peacock shows her love of life, family and friends. Purple was her favorite color as well as the color of her birthstone, amethyst.

Stephanie was a sweet, compassionate, crafty, fun, quirky, loveable, strong, and unique Mom, sister, aunt, and friend. She had a beautiful smile that we will forever miss. Steph was a hoot and loved to have fun. She could always make you laugh a good belly laugh too. She was passionate, if she believed in something, she was all in and she would fight for others when needed. She accepted everyone. She could be blunt but could also make anyone feel welcomed and loved. She loved to joke around, sing, and dance. Many family and friends enjoyed singing with her over the years. Those closest to her will forever treasure her singing in her last days.

She was the second of four girls. She loved and cared deeply for all her sisters. We shared many good times together, swimming, playing cards and as adults watching our kids play and develop close friendships that have followed them as adults.

Throughout her life she was available to anyone that needed help or an ear to listen to them. Many of her family and friends would call and talk for minutes to hours with her. She had the gift of gab.

Although she held many jobs in her life, the most precious and important to her was being a mother. That was her primary job, and she stayed at home to raise her 2 girls. She was very proud of them and what they accomplished. She taught them to love life, be kind to others and to cherish God’s special gifts every day. She instilled in them compassion, love and a stubbornness that doesn’t let them give up. Steph was dedicated to her daughters. She was not only a great mom but she was also a really great friend to them. She told them to always love yourself and be your own unique person. In the end she told them “You two are sisters, be there for each other and love one another, as I have loved you.”

Steph made it very clear that she wanted to donate her organs should anything ever happen to her, but she also felt her organs wouldn’t be accepted because of her health. When we were informed her eyes were acceptable it gave our family great peace to know she was able to do just that. She was an avid reader so she would elated to know that the gift of her eyes helped 2 people be able to continue to see, read, and enjoy the wonder of sight.

Steph is missed greatly by family and friends. They are reminded of her abounding love when they see rainbows, flowers or sunshine, and when special moments or gatherings occur.