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Ryan Michael Johnson

Date of Birth: 

Ryan was gifted with compassion. He really felt the pain of this world and the people around him. He knew how to just be with you in your sorrow. He knew how to hug and to bring a smile to your face. He knew how to make people laugh, and his laugh, made you laugh, and his smile let you know that he was happy. One very special thing about Ryan was that he learned a lot of truths about God from his surroundings, his work, his son, his family, stories in the newspaper, the stars- his eyes and ears were really in tune with the spiritual realm of this earth. He knew he was in a battle against the evil forces in the unseen world. He fought and tried to walk with God. But he was wounded, and tired and broken, and it was just too hard to get back up. He died in battle trying to follow the Lord. And when a soldier dies in battle, we honor him. In the end, my parent's son, Jacob's daddy, our brother was a hero. He gave the gift of life. He gave away his tender heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver so others would have a second chance at life, because life is about second, third, and fourth chances, never giving up. You will be forever loved and held in our hearts. Your Family: Dad, Mom, Son; Jacob, Brother; Jason and Amanda Hudson, Sister; Nicole and Kevin, Mia, Madison.