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Roberto F. Barajas

Date of Death: 

<p>This patch has a picture of my husband sitting with his grandchildrens dog, Shelby. He was the family dog sitter. In green lettering are different names he was called. I would call him "mi viejo," which means "my old man." This is a common affectionate term used in the Mexican culture for the husband. "Papi" means "daddy," which is what his four children would call him. "Abuelito" means "grandfather," which is what his eight grandchildren would call him. In the top right corner is Lansing, Michigan, which is where he lived for over fifty years. Thirty five of those years, he worked for GM in Lansing. On the bottom is "y volver volver," which is the title of his favorite song. Directly above the title of the song is a plaid heart, which is made from one of his shirts. In red are the words "We love you" and "We miss you" becasue he is dearly loved and greatly missed.