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Rob Mouch

Date of Death: 

Rob inspired. He was a leader, friend, and mentor to me. He was only a little bit older than me but I still wanted to be just like him. He pushed me to be a better person and always looked out for me. He will forever have my respect, admiration, and be in my thoughts. I will always see 66 as a good omen, miss him, and charish the time I spent with him. ~Lance<hr/>From the moment I met Rob, I could see what kind of person he is. Warm, caring, and immensely funny. He remains in my heart and the knowledge that he is watching over me is an amazing feeling. I saw the way Rob treated his friends, his family, Tina, even me, who he had known for such a short time. In that short time he became a very close and valuable friend. I miss him terribly, but I know he is doing just fine. I love you, Rob. Matina<hr/>My cousin was Rob was very easy going. When his brothers, Steve, Joe and I would get together when we were young we would always concoct wild "make-believe" games to play, and inevitably, as the youngest, Rob woul