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Michael Charles Potter

Date of Death: 

He was very smart, and he loved computers. He loved his family and friends, and he would never intentionally hurt anyone. He was one amazing seventeen year old teenager.<hr/>Our son and brother, Michael Charles Potter, had an endless thirst for new experiences. Some he enjoyed, some not so much, whether in travel, work or play. He once told us that when he died he wanted to be in "the wind and rain" so he could be everywhere. We can hold on to the fact that his gift of sight has helped another person and their family to enjoy this passion for life. He really enjoyed making people laugh. Two days before he died, he saw his mom standing in the kitchen window looking off in the distance. He must have thought she looked sad because he started jumping around like a fairy. He didnt quit until he saw her laugh..... if he cared about his mom like that, I can only imagine how much he cared about his family and friends. He was loved by all who knew him! 4/4/1989-4/14/2006