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Lynn Mei Rocheleau

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Unable to have children we decided to adopt a child. We chose to adopt from China & pursued to bring home a little girl. The adoption process was grueling, we had the longest wait in the ministry of China adoption, which included the SARS epidemic and the possibility of China closing their adoption program altogether. But finally on September 8, 2003, we were handed a beautiful 14 month old baby whom we named Lynn Mei. Lynn Mei had a profound effect on everybody she met. Her personality was adorable. Her smile warmed your heart, and her giggles were contagious. As Lynn Mei adjusted well to life here in America, half way around the world from her homeland. She was all American & all girl. She began to dance and sing to the "Wiggles" and loved watching Cinderella and "Barbie Nutcracker". She was destined to be a dancer. Some of out best memories are dancing and singing in the living room. Lynn Mei was very creative but also very meticulous. Her bears and blanket hat to be just perfect before she would go to sleep. She filled our hearts & our home with a love we had never imagined. In March 2005, Lynn Mei, became ill with the flu and had complications that took her away from us. She was in ICU for 2 days in a coma. Those hours, waiting to find which organs could be used gave us a special time to say goodbye. We watched as the hospital staff took her to the operating room to harvest her kidney. We were never prouder of Lynn Mei as she did her last and most important act of her life. We have since heard from the recipient of Lynn Mei's kidneys and she is doing well. She has a picture of Lynn Mei in her home and think of her as her guardian angel. In her short life Lynn contributed more than some do in the span of decades. The lady bugs are a good luck symbol in the Chinese adoption community. Lynn Mei came into our lives and changed us forever. <3