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Lindsey Burroughs

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

The items on this patch are symbolic of Lindsey's life. The sparkling gems remind us of how bright Christmas was from the reflection in your eyes. The pacifier and baby buggy to represent the love you had for those younger than you, and the gleam it put in your eyes when you saw a baby. You may not like flying in airplanes, but it did not stop you from traveling. You had trips to places all over the U.S.

Your favorite holiday was Halloween. You loved to dress up and hand out handfuls of candy to the Trick or Treaters that came to our door. We will remember your favorite summertime sport was swimming. You loved to be in our pool with your mom, dad, brothers, nephews, cousins, and other family members-just splashing away- trying to see if you could get them wet.

Your favorite pets were our cats. You had so many of them. You loved to play with them and hold them. But you were the first one to scold the, if they did anything wrong. You would sign and say "Wrong, wrong, wrong!" We will always remember how you said those words.

You had a love for music. You loved to listen to anything with your headphones on. We can remember many times we would catch you singing to yourself in your room.

We all miss you and love you very much, but we know in out hearts you are in a better place. You join our family members that have gone before you and someday we will all be reunited again. So "OUR LITTLE ANGEL" - You look down upon us and all the babies you love so much - You guide them and protect them as if you were here on Earth. God speed and GOD BLESS YOU!