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Leigh Hitchcock

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Leigh was born March 11, 1996 at 5:28pm after 17 long hours of labor. He was 8 pounds 2 1/2 ounces and 20 inches long. He had lots of hair. As a small child he loved playing video games, matchbox cars and hanging out with his family. As Leigh got older he started playing sports. So we put up the video games and got out the cleats. Starting in the fall of 2004 we started playing football. Leigh enjoyed football so much he asked us if we could start playing baseball so he could "get in shape for football". How could you say no to that. So the spring of 2005 we once again got out the cleats and off to practice once again. That year our baseball team had a chance to go to finals. But due to Leigh's size and age he was unable to play in the finals. That didn't stop the love for his team. We went to finals and Leigh was the bat boy. It was a major honor for him. And his teammates learned a lot from Leigh that year. Team work until the end. When football rolled around again Leigh weighed 20 pounds over the 120 to play both offense and defense. That didn't stop him. He worked really hard and lost weight. As parents how could you not be proud to call this dedicated young man your son. He is so very missed. As you can tell by the picture we lost Leigh during baseball season 2006. His teammates have a picture of Leigh at every one of their games. What an honor!

Leigh is missed by all that knew him and some that didn't. His Family misses him everyday.