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Kristen Lake


The pink and black pom pom scarf represents a pom pom scarf that Kristen made with her mothers help. It still hangs in the front closet where she left it. The angel charms tell you about her room which had a hand painted boarder that had clouds and the words Live, Love, Laugh, Fath, Peace going through the sky and clouds like the wind. The Free poem, Kristen wrote 6 months before she died. The saying in the cloud is what her classmates wrote about her. It is also on her head stone along with her poem. The cross represents that she loved Jeus with all her heart. The words at the bottom tell you what a special person she was. The butterflies are there because everybody I talk to tells me they think of Kristen when they see one. The angels are what Kristen loved since she was a very little girl. The quilt square was made with love from her Grandma Vicky and Kristens mother.