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Katie Celeste Weis

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Katie Celeste Weis, at the age of 9, had a personality that was by far unbelievable. Katie grew up with a few nicknames: the first would have to be "Katie-Bug", then as she started crawling and walking, she acquired "little Monkey". Her dad would often call her "Kate", but the one that we all so often thought of her as was our "Social Butterfly." She was never afraid to make new friends, never afraid to start a conversation with a stranger - just like her dad. Katie's presence was always known when she entered a room, because of her bubbly personality - she loved talking. Katie was very creative and enjoyed drawing, art, and writing short stories. She loved to play softball, soccer, bowling, rollerblading, fishing, and riding her bicycle, dirt bike and snowmobile. She absolutely loved all types of animals. Katie was a very outgoing, social girl, who enjoyed spending time with her friends. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, and a mischievous smile that would melt any heart. But in turn, would get her into as much trouble as it would get her out of. She would do anything for anyone. Giving the "Gift of Life" is just another way of her helping others. We knew this decision was the right thing to do. A pink ribbon to our family, friends, and the community is just a reminder of how this little girl touched so many lives. A year later, we still see them, whether it be a car magnet with her name on it or a pink ribbon wrapped around a light pole, mailbox or an occasional tree. She still lives on within us, as well as her recipients. Katie was a gift from God, now shes a "Sunbeam for Jesus."
-- Gary and Heidi Weis