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John J. Ferzacca

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

My quilt patch is on behalf of my entire family in memory of my dad, John J. Ferzacca (November 23, 1933-November 25, 2004). We are the luckiest group of people in the world to have been a part of his life. Nothing was more important than family to my dad, and quite often he gave up his wants/needs for those of his family. He lived for his family and nothing gave him greater pleasure than to see his wife, kids, and grand-kids succeed in their endeavors. He lived for us, lived through us, and experienced every milestone with us. He believed in all of us, and that belief allowed us all to take flight and soar. And, when looking back at him, as we soared to success, all you could see was the proudest man looking back at you. He lit up like a Christmas tree and was made purely of marshmallow fluff. My dad was magical to my family. His love and support shaped and molded a strong family, which nothing could tear apart.

One of my dads passions was photography. Thus, it seemed befitting to have his picture on his quilt square. He provided for us a photographic time-line of our lives and history, which will last longer than all of us. A saying that fits John Ferzacca is, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Eyesight is the key to looking through the lens of a camera. Through the Gift of Life my dads eyes have allowed others the gift of sight and the opportunity to freeze a moment of time through photography for themselves. Others will now have the opportunity to see loved ones accomplishments, revel in their joy, and see pure happiness. The gift of sight is worth more than a thousand words.

We know that my dad is our guardian angel. He has a camera in hand and is still taking pictures of us and of his journey. Someday, we will all meet up with him again. We look forward to dishing up a big bowl of ice cream, his favorite nighttime snack, and sitting down with him while he fills us in on what this journey has entailed.

The Proud Family of John Ferzacca.