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Jennifer LaRocque

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Date of Death: 

This patch of the Gift of Life quilt was made with love in memory of Jennifer Lynn LaRocque. Jen was very fond of her nickname "Muskrat" given to her by her good friends, the Bawg Dogs. Although her life was cut short at age thirty, she made the most of those years. On the left side of her photo, you will see several family members names listed. Jen had a tremendous impact on us all, as she was very involved with her family. She is loved and sadly missed by each and every one of us, including her dog, Sakieta. Below her photo, there is evidence of Jens hard work and determination. Despite a closed head injury, she graduated from Central Michigan University. Her high school and the various extracurricular activities she participated in throughout high school are also listed. On the right side of her photo, you will see other important aspects of her life, including her places of employment, her hobbies, and organizations to which she belonged. The one thing that isn't as evident on this quilt patch is what a kind, caring, loving individual Jennifer was always striving to be. She made it very clear that she wanted to donate her organs should anything ever happen to her so that she may give the gift of a better life to someone else. It brigs our family great peace to know she was able to do just that.