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Gwen Xavier


<p>Gwendolyn Jean Bailey was my only daughter. She was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on U.S.27, just south of Shepherd MI. She had a 3 month old son named Xavier. He will be six years old in April, 2006. My dad felt Gwen was too hard to pronounce, so he began calling her Pooh. That name stuck with her. She loved things from the seventies. When she signed her name, there was always a smiley face after it. That was her, always up. She made bead necklaces, bracelets and rings. Her other love was cats. My sister made a square with a cats face, with the heading Through Gwen?s Eyes. I still have her cat. He is getting old but gets around ok. Its been nearly 6 years, the pain has subsided, but not the ache of missing her. She was a wonderful, caring, beautiful person. Im happy she was a donor. Thank You Mary Bailey</p>