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Gregory Douglas Huge

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

It is very difficult to describe a loud one on a 10"x10" quilt square. There's so much more I could say, I put on the quilt about my son Greg. He was energetic, and enjoyed life to the fullest, and was one who would do anything for anybody. He was silly, and loved to make people laugh. He loved his dog Tipsy, and loved spending time with family, and friends. He was a very smart young man who had so much potential to be anything he wanted to be. He passed away 5 months before his son Haden was born. If he was alive today I know he would be a great daddy, and a very proud one. Id like to share one of my proud memories of my son. When he turned 18, and got his permanent drivers license, he filled out the organ/tissue donor form to be a donor. He came to me (mom) stating " mom if anything is to happen to me; I want all of my organs donated. I filled out the info on the back of my license. Please make sure my request to donate is honored." To me this was a brave and generous gesture my son was making, especially being young, and that organ donation was a difficult, scary idea to me. They were all so proud of you, and your decision to be an organ donor, and that you're giving others a gift of life. We miss you and love you so very much. This quilt square was made with the help of his Grandma Sharon. Forever in our hearts.

With all our love, Mom your Family and Friends