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Gerald R. Roberts, II


The best word to describe Gerald would be awesome! He was a son, brother, uncle, and a friend. He was filled with love for all, a true giver. If ever in need he was the first one to lend a hand, a shoulder to lean on, and a ear to just listen, or in most cases, he would just talk your ear off till you forgot about what it was you needed his help with. Gerald has true passion for music, his motorcycles and pick-up truck, his tattoos and piercings, the gym, his hair, his clothes and his infamous selfies. He was always one to offer a sarcastic funny outlook on life. He always had a smile on his face. Treating complete strangers like lifelong friends. He worked hard to stay focused at the gym but he had a big sweet tooth for candy, ice cream, and redbulls that always seemed to interfere. Gerald adored his family sleeve on his left arm, he would proudly describe to anyone that would listen that each tattoo had a specific meaning for every family member he held near and dear to his heart. Gerald liked to party hard but slept ever harder, he could sleep through anything. On Gerald's chest he had a tattoo the read “Dream as if you’ll die today.” Those were the words truly he lived by.