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Gary C Cooper

Date of Death: 

<p>My dad had the biggest heart. He was always helping family and neighbors. For many years he worked with "Meals on Wheels," helping to package food for the elderly and needy. He went there everyday as a job - he got satisfaction from helping others. Even after death he helped by donating tissue and organs. The red heart represents the love he had for others. <p>Computers were a big hobby of his. He was so proud that he taught himself all about them. I was proud of him as he only had an eigth grade education, but knew so much about computers. He knew more than I did and I have a college degree. My dad would make holiday cards and banners. If he knew the music you liked, he would download songs on a CD. <p>Everyone loves and misses my dad. I know that he is looking down not only on his family and friends, but also looking down on the people he has helped through the "Gift of Life" donor program.