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Dennis Robert Schaedig

Date of Death: 

This quilt square represents the things that were most important in my husband, Dennis Robert Schaedigs, life. He was a strong Christian man who led his family with love, kindness and devotion. He loved the outdoors, was the father of two sons, and was nicknamed "Tree". Dennis was a pharmacist who served his patients with intelligence and caring. He was out for his morning run when his heart went into a pattern of disrythmia and caused his heart to stop. With Gods help and sheer strength of mind he managed to reach home and my arms before collapsing. Despite the best efforts of trained health care professionals, Dennis was pronounced dead on August 6, 2000. He did not live long enough to see our sons wedding two months later nor the birth of his first two grandsons. We miss him still but are at peace with losing him and thankful that his corneas, bone and tissue have enhanced the lives of others. Organ and tissue donation have helped to redeem some of our loss.