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David "Brodie" Bull


My brother David Harold Bull was born May 14, 1980. From the moment I laid eyes on David I adored him and he made me happy just by being around. David had the greatest, most witty sense of humor from a very young age; and he had a heart of golf with a loyalty that was unmatched. David was gentle and extremely intelligent; he made even the most difficult concepts seem simple and he was always willing to help a friend in need. David loved the outdoors, and riding his bike with his dad. David was my only sibling and a few years ago we were faced with the possibility of losing someone very close to us. He and I discussed end of life preferences and options; it was then that David made it clear to me that he wanted to be an organ and tissue donor if the situation ever presented itself. Being told that David was brain dead and would never come back to us to share our lives was the worst thing that has EVER happened to me. That being daif, I find great comfort in the knowledge that wee followed his wishes exactly and in the understanding that others are alive right now because of Davids generous gift. The most selfess, generous gift of all-life. That was so Davey; to go out with style and integrity- advancing science and saving lives. You are my favorite Brodie. I will miss you forever and I am so proud to have had a brother like you for 35 years of my life.