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Danielle “Dani” Roelandt


Danielle “Dani” Roelandt was born on August 15, 1987 to Charles and Joan, after 23 years of marriage she was their little surprise gift from God after moving to Naperville, IL. Having two college-aged sisters and a brother in middle school, there was no shortage of people to dote on her. She lived there until she was 26 years old, when her mom retired and moved to their cottage home in Lexington, MI.

Dani grew up a very imaginative girl, always dressing up and playing make believe. She loved to pretend to live in some imaginative, beautiful world. When she was a sophomore in high school she was introduced to the world of Anime. This is a club that lets your creativity and imagination come alive by dressing up as one of your favorite Anime characters. Dani became “Sailor Moon” and was allowed the freedom to act out all her creativeness.

Through the Anime Club she was introduced to the world of Cosplaying, starting locally in Chicago, then as she graduated from high school, she traveled around the country to all the major cosplay conventions.

This passion for cosplaying turned into taking sewing classes at the community college so she could perfect her craft of making costumes, to be as realistic as possible to the character she was portraying. The college did not have an Anime Club, so to share her love for cosplay, she started her own club. The club has gone on to be a successful addition to activities at the community college. As her talent grew, she began her own business to commission costumes for other cosplayers, Moon Angel Costumes.

Dani and her costumes became so popular within the cosplay community and won several awards. She has even been featured in various cosplay periodicals.

Dani’s other great passion was Disney! Her dream job came true when she was 18 and started working at the Disney store. Three years later, an internship college course was offered to intern at Walt Disney World in Orlando. She spent 6 months in the Magic Kingdom. This was truly something she was able to enjoy with all her heart. She was able to spend every day in the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

As you can imagine, with Disney being so close to her heart, she also created and turned herself into several of the Disney Princesses, with Aurora as her favorite, along with Cinderella. Her friends and her would walk around the mall or even did little kids birthday parties, with the Princesses showing up.

By working and attending many conventions, Dani developed a large networks of friends throughout the country. And with Social Media, she was in constant contact with each of them daily. At the conventions, she ensured all were involved in something and had the confidence to showplace their own talent and creativity. She was a positive force that her friends are always expressing on Facebook.

Danielle was called home to be without Lord and her Father, Charles on August 30, 2016. She is the beloved daughter and constant companion to her mother Joan. Cherished sister to Rachelle(Scott), Joelle(Tom), and Darrell(Jennifer). Adored aunt to Brandon, Nicky, Sarah, Katie, Maddy, Steven, and Isabelle.

Dani gave the greatest gift, the Gift of Life to 4 individuals on September 1, 2016. She was a young 29 year old with a strong heart, healthy liver, and kidneys.

Not only did she help give new life to 3 complete strangers, one of her kidneys was able to save her own family. Richard, a cousin, through marriage, has been a part of the family since ted at she was born and was at our side when she passed, was the direct request recipient of her kidney. Since the transplant operation he has had other health issues and the doctors have repeatedly said, if it wasn’t for Dani’s kidney, he would not be here today.

Dani’s mom favorite age joke was that she was 29 years old, even though she had three children older than 29. Unfortunately, now her baby girl will be forever 29.