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Christopher Stambaugh

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

How to decide what to put on a 10x10 quilt patch to tell the life story of my son Christopher; so many words, such little space! Chris was a well rounded individual. He enjoyed being every one of the persons listed on the patch. In his short 20 years he gained the respect of many men and women, two, three and four times his age. When I asked “Why join the army at 17?” the answer was so honest and sincere, “Because I love my country, family and friends and am willing to give my life for all three, why wouldn’t I?” As a mother I was so proud at that moment of the fine young man he had grown into, and I will always be proud of him and the lives he helped save. He would not like me bragging about him but like I always told him. “Hey I’m mom, I brag.” Then his eyes would roll and that beautiful smile would appear.