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Brandy Autumn Lowe

Date of Birth: 
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This is Brandy Autumn Lowes photo as a volleyball player as a high school sophomore. Brandy was born September 25, 1983 and passed away October 11, 2004 in Lansing, Michigan.

Brandy was a student at Grand Rapids Community College studying to become a pediatric nurse when she passed away unexpectedly. She previously attended Potterville Public Schools.

While a student at Potterville, Brandy was active in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Brandy played basketball, volleyball and softball as a student as well as being a cheerleader.

Brandy enjoyed playing softball because she could spend time with her father as he assisted the team, however her passion was volleyball. Brandy was most proud of playing on an undefeated volleyball team her sophomore year. She enjoyed playing for Coach Hill who was also a mentor and supporter.

While in high school, Brandy enjoyed Homecomings, Sweetheart Dances, and Proms. Brandy enjoyed her time serving the PALS organization. Brandy was an active member of the Potterville United Methodist Church.

Brandy's trademark smile and giggle was always an icebreaker for everyone she encountered. Brandy was employed by the Windsor Mountain Grill while a student. Brandy enjoyed shopping and going to the movies with her friends whenever possible.

Brandy will always be remembered by family and friends as a giver and one who cared for other as she was always babysitting. Her smile and giggle will always be imprinted on our minds.

Five Michigan adults received organs from Brandy. Brandy would be so proud to know that she improved the quality of life for so many folks and their families.
-- David W. Lowe