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Brandy Autumn Lowe

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

This is Brandy Autumn Lowe's High School senior photo. Brandy was born September 25, 1983 and passed away October 11, 2004 in Lansing, Michigan.

Brandy was a student at Grand Rapids Community College studying to become a pediatric nurse when she passed away unexpectedly. She previously attended Potterville Public Schools.

Brandy was always babysitting and watching young children from the time she was old enough to do so until her death. Brandy was an active member of the Pottervlle United Methodist Church.

Brandy enjoyed going to the movies, traveling, and being with her many friends. Brandy was known for allowing others to chose the location, the movie, and the restaurant. Brandy attended many of her brother, Lances athletic events. She enjoyed her brothers friends and the families of the players for many years.

To Brandy, fashion and color coordination were very important. Brandy shopped and put a great deal of effort into selecting and matching her colors and clothes. Brandy also enjoyed music and matching her cosmetics. She spent many hours meticulously preparing for school and work. Having a nice appearance for others was very important for Brandy.

Along with her outward appearance, her inner self was very important, as Brandy was always concerned for others. This trait showed in her interest in babysitting and providing care for others. She felt so strongly about the improvement of others, she provided organs to five adults whom she never met.

Brandy always had a smile and a cute little giggle that was her trademark to all that met her. She will always be remembered for her positive and happy approach to everyone and everything.

Brandy's friends and relatives will always be grateful for Brandy demonstrating the need to help others is most important and her smile and giggle will remain imprinted in our lives forever.
-- David W. Lowe