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Bobo My grandpa whose nickname was Bobo,<br> who had salt and pepper colored hair,<br>who loved to sing like a bird,<br>who was a poet and didnt even know it,<br>who was a story - teller,<br>who loked being teased and teasing people,<br>who always wore snow, white socks.<br>Who was the worlds greatest jeweler,<br>specializing in chestnuts,<br>who had a favorite chair that was a big, overstuffed olive.<br>Who was a peppermint expert,<br>prescribing them for every ailment.<br>Who loved his cowboy movies and Gilligans Island.<br>Who was a bird on his olive perch,<br>who was the fashion police, NOT!!!!<br>who was the ever watchful eye,<br>who liked making up his own songs,<br>and now that he is gone,<br>I cherish those songs.