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Bobbie Morse Hankis


As I sit trying to come up with the words to tell you who my mother is I am finding the memories of my childhood coming back very clearly. My mother was my inspiration, my voice of reason, my comfort. When I was a little girl I broke my right arm right at the end of summer just before kindergarten. I remember waiting in line at the bus stop with my mom and siblings. When the bus arrived, I braced my arm with the cast and my good arm against the doors of the bus and began to scream. I was so afraid my mother went to school with me, she sat in the classroom with me, ate lunch with me, and even played on the playground with me.

My mother was a person who would put her needs and wants on hold to make sure all around her was cared for before herself. If she only had a dollar to her name and you needed she was sure to give you her last dollar. This was who she was.

Material things never mattered to her. It was the relationships she made with people and family that mattered the most. Those were the important things in her life.

If you ask anyone who Bobbie Morse Hankis is they will say she is full of love and laughter, she is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and her faith in God is unshakeable. My mother’s faith was her strongest attribute. She had faith that the lord would provide, answer and heal if it was his will.

I believe my mother’s faith is what lead her to become an organ donor. This was just another way in her death that she could one last time give to others who needed it more than her. This was her calling to live on for all of those that she loved and cared for so deeply to not feel as though she is gone. My mother was the most selfless human being alive. If you take anything from this letter, please take this. My mother was a daughter, sister, wife, and mother of three children who are so very proud of the woman she was in life, and even more proud of the woman she is in death. My mother is my hero who will live on forever and ever. RIP our Angel. Until we meet again. Love you forever and always Momma, to the moon and back.