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Alecia L Holst

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Alecia was a young lady of 21, who had a variety of different interests. Some of these interests could be found proudly displayed on the walls of her apartment, while attending Central Michigan University. One wall displayed posters of her favorite heavy metal bands, while the other wall had posters of Spiderman, Shrek, Carebears, and many other "child-like" posters. Our quilt patch reflects this dichotomy.

Our family cat Bo, can be found in the upper left hand corner. On the many weekends she was home to work at the church nursery, Bo was always the first to receive her affection the moment she walked in the door.

Alecia was extremely well organized. She would not go a day without updating her CMU organization book. While her roommates sometimes wished she would stick to her book and not organize their lives as well. They certainly miss this aspect of her personality.

The fish in the left hand corner was reduced in size to fit on the quilt patch. Alecia had fed him to the point he was the size of the tank, laughing every time he would jump.

Her organization and love for animals made her a natural for raising rabbits, which she did while excelling with 4H when competing in local and state fairs.

Alecia's chosen occupation was nursing with an emphasis in pediatrics. The nurses uniform represents not only her occupation, love for children and caring for others, but the same qualities that lead her to donate to the Gift of Life.

We added notes to show her love for music, especially hard rock bands. In her class autobiography, she stated if not for the cost she would go to a concert every week. Not surprisingly, she was enjoying a concert when she suffered heart failure.

Bordering the patch in red material with silver stars. It is a piece of the pajamas that she wore constantly - to class, home, in her apartment. In the rare instance she had to don "formal" attire, she would reluctantly change to the bib overalls displayed in the middle of the patch.

Alecia's many diverse interests made her a joy to be around. In all of these interests she displayed a true appreciation of life and caring which not only made her beloved by family and friends, but also a perfect donor for Gift of Life.

-- Marcia Holst