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Welcome to Gift of Life Michigan’s Press Room! Let us know how we can help you with your news story. We’ve made recent statistics and facts about donation available below, as well as suggested terminology for your reports. Check out our latest news here.

Most importantly, we can help connect you with medical experts, transplant recipients and/or family members of organ and tissue donors to interview for your story.

Media Inquiries

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Patrick O'Brien
Chief Communications Officer
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Donation and Transplant Terminology

  • As a matter of accuracy, clarity and respect for organ donors and their families, we note that the word "harvest" is considered harsh and not completely accurate. Organ "recovery" is widely used nationwide.

  • Similarly, the phrase "deceased donor" is strongly preferred over "cadaver."

  • The term "life support" is inaccurate and confusing when used in relation to a brain dead patient. The recommended phrasing is that a donor's body is kept on "mechanical support" until the time of donation.


Donation Facts

  • Of the state's 7.6 million adults, more than 4.8 million are registered donors.

  • The best way to indicate one's decision to donate life is to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

  • On average, 17 Michigan residents have organ transplants every week.

  • The supply of organs donated doesn't come close to meeting the demand. Michigan has nearly 3,000 people on the waiting list for a transplant. About 113,000 people are waiting nationwide.

  • Organ donors can save up to eight lives and tissue donors can substantially improve life for up to 75 sick, injured or blind people.