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Rob & Amber Sagala

My husband and I were so excited to find out around new years of 2010 we were having another baby. We already had a 2yr old boy, but i really wanted a girl now; and that's just what I got!~The most beautiful, sweetest little girl, and she was absolutly perfect.
We were all settling into the family of 4 now, and loving it....then on Oct. 27, 2010, my husband came home in the morning after working 3rd shift, and woke me up saying that our little Aubrey wasn't breathing.
I tried CPR and everything I could, but my little angel was gone, gone to heaven with no warning, and no time to say goodbye. We were, and still are absolutly devastated.
That night, Gift of Life called us about donating her tissue....at first we didn't want to....but after thinking about it, and that our angel aubrey could possibly help save someone else, we consented. I later found out that both the heart valves they removed had been placed in to two separate children; so as much as I miss my little girl, it does help a little knowing that we did the right thing to help another family not go through the same loss.
Our Aubrey Kimberly-Kaye Sagala gave the gift of life to two children, and I can't think of a better gift to be left here on Earth. Thanks so much for reading our story, and I hope that it touches some people as much as it does us and our family.

Rob & Amber Sagala
Muskegon, MI