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Gregory Harrison

Hi! My name is Gregory Harrison and I'm so glad to have volunteered in the Transplant Tuesday  donor sign up event sponsored by the Gift of Life on July 6 at the Secretary of State in my area.
It was so nice to hear people tell you........you're doing a good job or to hear thanks for reminding me to register was an awesome reward. 

     As a heart transplant recipient myself, I totally support this motive to reach the 1 million goal drive. Several ago, me and my brother - at the same time - were faced with heart related challenges which lead to both of us only having months to live. 

     Fortunately we both had Heart Transplants within 6 months of each other, and after I was selected to be on the transplant waiting list it took only 10 days for me and 2 months for my brother to start our new life. If it wasn't for donors signing up neither of us would be alive today. 

     We are so grateful and blessed to have a second chance at life. We had to give back, so we established a foundation called United Hearts and Miracles Foundation to help saturate the awareness to the communities, media, and world.

     We understand how important it is for everyone to be informed why they should be a donor because it does save lives. We are grassroots and have a second chance to prove it, that's why we support this cause. I pray that this story has moved someones heart to register and be a donor today. The real heart will show on your license or state ID who has a big heart!! "TELL US NOW"

Gregory Harrison

West Bloomfield, MI